AdYourTarget narrowcasting
is versatile

Real estate

Our real estate concept is one of our specialties. This concept meets the demand from real estate agencies to replace the highly outdated paper sheets in front of the windows with a fully automated digital signage concept. We ensure automatic synchronization with your database! In this way your entire portfolio is always online and your offers remain up-to-date.

Other sectors

Employment and travel agencies

Just like in the real estate sector, you do not have to invest time in keeping up the vacancies or journeys that hang in front of the window. The information shown is always correct and up-to-date. We link the platform to your database and you're up and running.

Shops and hospitality sector

Quickly and flexibly show your latest offer or new collection to your customers with an image, company movie or a YouTube video, it's all easy via our platform. You decide on which days and times this message should be displayed.

Health care sector

In each waiting room you can easily keep your patients up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of healthcare. Other relevant information, for example about the influenza vaccine, will be clearly visible.
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