Ad Your Target

Broad-minded narrowcasting

Your message on a digital information display

Info on a screen

AdYourTarget® is a powerful concept for digital signage / narrowcasting. Narrowcasting? A digital information board or display to put your service or offer in the spotlight. Hipper than ever, and an absolute eye-catcher. Inside, outside, in your store, in front of the shop window, at the reception, at an event, wherever you want. AdYourTarget® is the perfect medium for every company to pimp external and internal communication.

Narrowcasting, why should I?

Whether you hang one screen or more: your message will be seen. Stylish and dynamic. Interactive and playful if you want. Moving images say more than some pictures on a flyer. You determine the content yourself and is therefore always tailor-made. We organize programming, installation and support for you. Be sure to get such a digital information screen. Here's why:

Fully online

AdYourTarget® works entirely over the Internet, so you do not have to install any software. You manage the content remotely via computer, tablet or smartphone, anytime and anywhere.

Always up-to-date

AdYourTarget® is constantly evolving. We continuously expand the system with new widgets, templates and functionalities to stay up-to-date.

Custom build

Do you want customized content? No problem: we define what you expect during an intake interview and our designers work out your ideas flawlessly.

Total solution

AdYourTarget® can also provide the necessary hardware. Your Digital Signage project is perfectly matched not only in terms of software but also in terms of hardware.

We have solutions for everyone
and for every budget

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